Europe Trip

My Holiday

    My last holiday is actually quite amazing for me, in December 2017 i actually went to europe. I went there using a plane from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in 27th of December 2017. Me and my family went to the airport using a car, although the flight was scheduled at 10.30 pm we went to the airport very early at 9 am because we were afraid that we are going to stuck in traffic if we went there in the afternoon. When we arrived at the airport it was still 1 pm but, we actually get to wait in an airport hotel room that my father rent, we wait in the hotel room until 8 pm. At 8 pm me and my family checked out of the hotel and headed to the meeting point of our tour group, there are around 20 people in the group and they're mostly a family of four persons, so there were around 5 families and a tour guide in the group.
     After the group meeting, the group started to head for the boarding gate an hour and a half before the plane departure, after the plane is ready, all the passengers starts to board the plane. After taking off, i can see that the sky over Jakarta was pretty clear and not too cloudy so there are not much of turbulence going on in the plane so the flight was smooth. The flight was 8 hours and 44 minutes long, so it is quite a long flight. Our flight destination was Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar. The airport in Doha is a place for transit, we will stop there for a while and change plane and then head to the Adolfo Suarez International Airport in Madrid, Spain. The flight was around 7 hours long, so it is just like the second episode of the first flight. After we arrived in Madrid i had a really bad jetlag, my head was spinning and hurts, but it gets better after i sleep in the bus when we went to the first tourist spot. In Madrid, we went around the city for the city tour, there was actually an official tour guide for the city of Madrid. The Madrid tour guide name is Louis, he knows a lot about the city Madrid especially its cultures. After the tour we went straight to the hotel and gt some rest.
      After Madrid we went to Barcelona with a bus , it takes about 3 hours to get to Barcelona from Madrid with a bus, in Barcelona we went to some of Barcelona main tourist attraction like the Barcelona football stadion which was the headquarters for FC Barcelona football stadion. After Barcelona we went to Nice, which was a city in southern france, so we went from Spain to France in that trip. After we arrived in Nice we went straight to the hotel and get some rest because tomorrow we're going to the country of Monaco which was only an hour ride from the city of Nice. After we arrived in Monaco i instantly realized that everybody in that city was really rich, because the houses and the cars looked very expensive especially the cars. The cars were expensive brand sports car like Ferrari and Lamborghini.
       After the we finished visiting Monaco and went back to Nice, because tomorrow we need to get to the train to Paris and it's really early in the morning so we need to sleep early so that we're not going to oversleep. After we get into the train we take a seat and sleep on the train. The ride was 5 hours long and we spend most of the time to just sleep because we're a bit tired from the activities we have done earlier. In Paris we went to Eiffel Tower, the Montparnas Tower, and take a cruise in a river. After all of that we went to the Paris International Airport, the Charles De Gaulle Airport, it was storming so we were a bit worry about the flight. The flight was normal and took the same route as the flight from Jakarta to Madris, so we transited again in Doha, Qatar and after that to Jakarta, The flight time was 12 hours total so it was really tiring.