The Basic Leadership Training

       In my school, there is an obligatory school program called LDKS or in english, basic leadership training. This program objective is to train the students mental to become more responsible and more adequate for leading. The program is three days and two nights long and held in a military base near the Supratman field. The military base itself is an armament storage and a military school and it  have barracks that can hold many people so it's perfect for this program. The program started in thursday and ended in saturday afternoon.
       The program strarted in 06.30 AM thursday and i arrived 30 minutes early so that i can relax for a bit and don't have to worry about being late. At 06.30 AM most of the students are gathered at the main field of the military base that is apparently also a helipad, the field was so wide and can hold so many people just by the looks of it. The students that arrived late are gathered in front of the field and was given a little punishment for being late. Watching that i was kind of suprised that the punishment is not that big and i was kind of relieved because i thought that the instructor was very harsh. In the field we gathered and do the opening ceremony for the basic leadership training program, after that we went to the main hall and the instructor gave us some materials about leadership and a lso their personal info. While the instructor was giving the materials the students are taken one seat row at a time to the front of the barracks to be shaved. This is the part that i hate, because  i personally HATE the idea of getting my hair shaved, because i don't want to lose my hair, well it happened to me anyways, at least i am not the only one who gets his hair shaved. After that we have lunch, and im going to tell you that it was a really harsh lunch,  we have to eat while we put a banana on top of our head and we can't let the banana fall from our head while we eat, and we can't bend our body even a little bit while eating, the only body parts that moves is only the hand and the mouth. The rest of the day are just materials about leadership training.
          At the first night in the military base, the instructors wakes us  up in 01.00 AM in the morning for something similiar to a "roll call". Anyone who doesn't use their obligatory attributes are gathered in the field and punished, including me. The instructors are very careful about physicly exausting the students that have any serious disease such as asma and told them to step out of the field and sit. After being punished the instructor gave us time to go back to our barracks to put on our missing attributes, after that we went to the mosque and pray, the instructors didn't gave us any more time to sleep although we were very exhausted and sleepy. The second day are PBB tarining and it started in the morning and ended in the afternoon, after that we went to the Taman Makam Pahlawan, in there we do some sort of adventure or anything you want to call it and the we do some bonfire in the parking lot. Just like how we get there we walked back to the military base from there.
          After we get back to the barracks we sleep at 02.00 AM and woken up 2 hours after, after we get up we pray i n the mosque and after that we train PBB more. Except for PBB tarining we also have physical trraining games form midday until afternoon and we also watched G/30 S PKI movie in front of the barracks. After we watched the movie we pray ashar and packed our stuff. In the afternoon of the third day we finally finished the program and do the closing ceremony, after the closing the students are very happy because they finally can go home and relax, i also feel the same too.