My Autobiogaphy

        My name is Dwiki Ananda Classirio. You can call me Rio. I was born in 17th of march 2002 at Sleman, Yogyakarta. My birth is extraordinary, because i was born in a car on the way to the hospital, when i was born my parents are really worried that i would not survive the trip to the hospital, but apparently i make it to the hospital. I don't have any specific hobbies but i like to play games and read books. My family have four members and that is my father, my mother, my older brother, and me. Both of my parents are doctors, so they're very busy during work day, so my brother and me often alone in the house. My brother name is Dhimas Pratama Rizki Syahputra his hobby is reading books, he is the type of person that you call a nerd. Just like a generic nerd he is really smart, and he is one of the top students in his school. My Father is a doctor, an internis to be exact, his job is to examine people that are sick and give them proper medicine, he is currntly working in Mitra kasih Hospital as one of it's director. My mother name is Farida Yuniati, my mother is also a doctor, she is a radiology specialist, her job is to use medical equipment such as Rontgen, MRI, X-ray, etc. She is working at many hospitals, i can't remember them all.
         My childhood was just like any other persons childhood, i went to kindergarten and then went to elementary school. When i was four or five years old i live in Yogyakarta, but because my father found a job in cimahi my whole family move to Cimahi. When i move to Cimahi the house that my parents built in there aren't done yet so we stay in a contract house, we move to a diffrent house a couple times when we are in Cimahi although it was in the same complex. My house right now is in Nusa Hijau Complex, GV-19. When i first move to Cimahi i went to a kindergarten, and its name is Pandiga Mutiara, it was just like any other kindergarten but it was really comfortable one. I wnt in to Nur Al-Rahman elemantary school, elementary school years fells really long because it's 6 years of learning basic knowledge.

       When i finished elementary school i went in to Al-Azhar Junior High School, at first i want to go to the SMPN 1 Junior High School but my national exam grades are not that great so i went to Al-Azhar. Al-Azhar is a good school, it can compete with other great school that are older than Al-Azhar, the school even have its own criteria for teachers, i guess that's why it's so good.