Something that happened

             Just a few months ago me and my family went to Singapore. We went there because my mother wants to visit the new Singapore recreation place, it's called Garden by the bay. We went there using an airplane from Otto Iskandar Dinata Airport. It was a normal flight and i enjoy it.
              When we are in Singapore we didn't use any tourist agency or guides, so we basically went there and do anything we like without any particcular schedule. My mother wants to try using public transportation to go to the place we want to go. We used taxi, subway and bus, we want to try using all of the transportation because Indonesia doesn't have transportation like Singapore does, although at first it was quite confusing.
              At the third day at Singapore, our transit subway station is really big, so we try to stick together, we buy our tickets and head for the gate to enter the train, but when my brother try to scan his ticket to enter the gate, the card didn't work, so i try to find my parents. When i try to find my parents they're already gone, so i try to search them, but i made a mistake. We are using the North South Line subway but because i was in a hurry i mad a mistake and went to the Metro Line and when i arrived at that gate i realized that i went into the wrong gate, and the escalator i used only goes down. I panicked and then i try to find the escalator that goes up, when i find the escalator that goes up i used it, only to find that i'am in different part of the station. I panicked again not because i'am lost, but i panicked when my mother found out i was lost she's going to be furious. I try to use my phone but i realized that my this was a different country and the phone service was different. So when i was walking at the station looking a way to go back a man ask me and say,"can i help you sir?", and then i reply, "Yes, please?, can you show me the way to the North South Line?", and he said,"Yes, you just go up that escalator and turn right." and then i shake his hands and thanked him, i was both very relieved and very frustrated, frustrated because i have to deal with my mother's rage.
                Well i hope this kind of thing never happens again because i don't want to deal with my mother's flaming rage.