Plan for holiday

R: Hi Fadhlan!
F: Hey Rio, what's up?
R: I want to ask you something,what are you going do in the next holiday.
F: Why are you asking that?
R: I just don't know what to do in the next holiday, that's why i'am asking you, maybe i get some ideas from your plans.
F: Usually i go to Tegal, to my late grandmother house, and after visiting my grandmother house usually i go around Mid-Java.
R: Where to be exact?
F: Slawi, Purwokerto, Margasari, and Pekalongan, in those places there are a lot of my families, so i visit those places to meet them.
R: So you spend your holiday to visit your families?
F: Yes, and usually when it's hot in there, i sell Aice ice cream with my brother and sister.
R: You sell ice cream?
F: Yea
R: Well that's one unique holiday.
F: Yea
R: What else that you do in there?
F: Maybe go to the forest with my father and then go to a river to catch some fish.
R: Niceee, that sounds good.